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Almost two thirds of our body consists of water. Without water, our body dries out. We lose fluid every day. This happens, among other things, with the excretion of urine, exhalation, sweat and feces. To replenish the lost fluid, it’s necessary to drink enough. 

It’s therefore recommended to consume at least 1½ liters of fluid per day. Our preference is that you try to drink water, herbal tea or green tea as much as possible. If this doesn’t work, you can also include fruit juice (possibly diluted with water), (soy) milk, lemonade and bouillon. 





What does moisture do for our body? 
It regulates different things in our body, such as: 
* transporting nutrients in our body;
* the removal of waste materials; 
* maintaining our body temperature; 
* helping in certain processes in the body that take place in an aqueous environment.