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Quitting smoking 

Why is quitting smoking so difficult? 

A nicotine addiction is the main reason why people keep smoking. Quitting smoking is difficult. Smoking a cigarette is linked to years of habits, such as the coffee moment, stress-relieving, smoking after eating, smoking combined with drinking alcohol and going out. 


With what can we help you?  

As a dietitian we can give you specific dietary advice that ensures that the weight doesn’t increase too much. On average, a quitting smoker can gain 3-6 kg in body weight. With a healthy nutritional intake and a good exercise pattern, it can stick to this and stabilize the weight. The risk of replacing the cigarette by eating (snacking) can be reduced if you follow our consultations for at least a few months.



What are the benefits of quitting smoking? 

You’ll soon notice the following advantages expressed in a time frame. 

After 24 hours of not smoking: your lungs start to get rid of toxins. Ex-smokers often have to cough a lot for the first 24 hours. Your blood pressure drops and the risk of a heart attack decreases. You’re also free of carbon monoxide. 

After 48 hours: you’ll taste and smell more. All nicotine has disappeared from your body. 

After 1 week: the lungs are already absorbing oxygen better. You get much more air. Since your body is not used to this, it can lead to tingling and dizziness. 

After 1 month: your blood circulation is better and you can move more and feel more vital.

The benefits of quitting smoking increase the longer you quit smoking. The risk of COPD, esophageal and lung cancer is reduced.