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We are affiliated with ParkinsonNet. a.o questions about the effect of Levodopa and protein, unintentional weight loss, difficulty with swallowing and constipation, please contact us.

We have two children dietitians working in our practice.

Do you need advice on improving your lifestyle? We would love to help you with this as we have the title lifestyle coach!

You can also contact us for nutritional advice in case of gastrointestinal upset. We are also specialized in the ‘Fodmap’ diet.

Customized advice with a personalized dietary advice. You are not standard and so is our advice!

We give courses with other disciplines such as Total Fit Amsterdam. More information at ‘News’.

Not mobile? We are glad to visit you at your home.

Vegan is healthy if you make sure you get good substitute. We can help you with that.

Have you lost unwanted weight? Then please contact us.

Did you know that one in two adults are overweight and one in seven obese?

Do you want to try a low-carb diet? But you don’t know how to deal with this and how to vary sufficiently? We have a lot of experience with this.

You can come back to the location if you have no complaints. Telephone consultations are also possible.

Are you following us on Instagram yet? We post weekly recipes, tips and workouts.

We work according to the new privacy legislation; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More on this at ‘About us’.

We provide consultations at various locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. We also do this twice a week in the evening.

Welcome to Dietician practice Renate de Schaap

We are not as tough as you think we are! We do face-to-face and online consultation

For a personal nutritional advice for children and adults. We are also Parkinson- and children dieticians!
Especially for you we have developed a BMI calculator for children and adults. Curious? Click on the button!
At 'About us' you will find all of our locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
Home visits are also possible. 

You can sign up to call 020-6403156 or click on appointment.

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