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What does Anaemia mean?  
Anaemia, also known as iron deficiency, can be caused by different things. It can be caused by blood loss, a shortage of iron in the diet (for example in a vegetarian diet), or, for example, by a reduced absorption of iron by the body itself. Also pregnant women can have an iron deficiency, because additional iron is required for the growth of the baby.
Hemoglobin, the colorant of red blood cells, is a substance in the body that requires iron. The function of hemoglobin is transporting oxygen in the body. So if you have a shortage of iron, you’ll also have a shortage of oxygen in the body cells.
This can result in tiredness.

The role of the dietitian
The dietitian will work together with you and will assess your diet and give dietary advice on how to prevent a deficiency of iron. Depending on the degree of the iron deficiency, it may be necessary (in addition to adjusting the diet) to also utilize iron preparations.















In what products can you find iron?
In legumes, apple syrup, nuts, egg, dried apricots, meat and whole grain products.
Products such as tea, coffee and milk reduce the absorption of iron. This involves the theine and caffeine (so you can still use decaffeinated coffee and theine free tea).
Vitamin C (vegetables, fruit, fruit juice) ensures that the absorption of iron is encouraged.

With what can we help you?  
Besides creating your personal dietary, we guide you through familiarizing with your "new" diet. With the tips from above it may seem easy, but if you make an appointment with us you’ll receive a personal advice! If we see that your dietary advise doesn’t increase your iron levels enough, we can advise you what iron preparation is best to use. Because there is a big difference between the absorption of different preparations.