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What is Fodmap?
The FODMAP diet is a scientifically proven, originally Australian, diet. The FODMAP diet helps more than 75% of people, with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), to reduce the symptoms, and some even to control the symptoms.
In short, the FODMAP diet includes three phases:

  1. Elimination phase in which nutrition is avoided that can cause complaints
  2. Re-introduction phase in which each FODMAP group is tested separately
  3. Custom FODMAP diet which can be followed forever


For who is this diet?
The FODMAP diet is suitable for people with functional intestinal disorders, particularly IBS. The diagnosis of IBS should be given by a doctor, because he has to rule out more serious conditions such as colon cancer. This is according to the ROME III criteria. In addition, the FODMAP diet can be used in case of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in order to reduce the disease symptoms (and only during the quiet period of the disease).
The FODMAP diet can be used if the overall PDS and 'healthy eating' advices aren’t effective enough for you. Think of sufficient moisture, fibers and not too much alcohol, caffeine and fat. It’s important that you first, or together with your dietician, run through your current diet, before starting with the FODMAP diet.









With what can we help you?  
As dietitians we’ll guide you in following the FODMAP diet, so that you go through the three phases correctly. It’s very important that you have the time and energy to follow the diet as completely as possible. In this way the results will be the reliable and you’ll hopefully benefit it for many years.
If necessary, your diet will be fully customized and we can give advices for example, on making your diet higher in fiber or on how to prevent losing weight when it’s not the intention.