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Cooperation partners

We provide care in collaboration with various disciplines (also in one building) and are affiliated to several chain care programmes in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. We also provide care to various care homes on location. Home visits are no problem for us!


Physiotherapy practices:

Centrum voor Fysiotherapie en Fysiotraining


GLI Slimmer



Chain care:

Zorg voor Zuid

Amstelland Zorg


Eldery houses


Klaasje Zevenster

Nieuw Vredeveld

Huis a/d Poel




Arkin Ouderenkliniek Amstelveen

We are members of:


  • NVD (Dutch Dietist Association)
  • NKD (Network of Primary Dieticians for Children)
  • ParkinsonNet
  • Quality Register
  • The COPD-CHAGZ Working Group
  • Dietists Primary line Vulnerable Elderly People (DEKO)
  • Network of 1st line dieticians Amsterdam (Pact Gezond Gewicht (Healthy Weight Pact))