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What does alcohol do?

According to many, alcohol is part and parcel of conviviality. How often do you hear that when you want something fresh: don't be so unsociable!

But what does conviviality have to do with the effect of alcohol in your body? It makes you happy (sometimes not when you pass a certain threshold, the annoying drunkenness), brakes come off and you do things you wouldn't normally do or say or wouldn't dare to say. These are mental consequences. But what are the physical consequences?

Effect of alcohol on our body

The body absorbs alcohol quickly. When alcohol is drunk slowly and with food, it goes slower. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood via the small intestine.

The body breaks down alcohol as quickly as possible. A small part is broken down in the stomach. The alcohol that ends up in the blood is broken down by the liver.

Side effects of alcohol

  •     Alcohol can lead to physical and mental dependence      or addiction.
  •     Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  •     Increased risk of certain forms of cancer.
  •     Liver disorders.
  •     Brain damage.
  •     Mild form of diabetes.
  •     Inhibits the absorption of vitamin B1.
  •     With a serious alcohol addiction, there is a high risk        of a lack of vitamin B1. (Wernicke syndrome).





What does alcohol provide?

Alcoholic drinks provide alcohol, moisture and carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates per alcoholic beverage varies greatly. These carbohydrates are mainly sugars.

Alcohol also has a dehydrating effect. Alcohol increases the urine production in the body. It is advisable to alternate alcohol with water in order to maintain the moisture balance.

What can we help with?

For health reasons, it can be important for you to live healthier lives. This includes reducing your alcohol intake. This can be difficult, especially if you have been doing it like this for years. In consultation with you, we look at the possibilities, where your pitfalls are (social gegegegeheden, home alone) and how you can deal with them differently.