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Types of providing information

What types of providing information? 
In addition to making an individual appointment during one of our consultation hours, it’s also possible to request various types of providing information by us. 

You can think of: 
* Group information for people with diabetes, COPD or obesity
* Nutritional information at school for all groups or parents (different themes possible)

Information about healthy food at the day care and after school care
* Restaurant check + giving advice to companies or a 'healthy employee' course for companies. 

* Multidisciplinary collaboration. So that it’s clear who does what and when you refer to each other. For example, the collaboration between the nurse practitioner of the GP the dietitian.
* Cooking. Enrich your cooking club with the expertise and knowledge of a dietician. This includes explanation of certain nutrients in foods, preparation techniques and variation options. 
* With a specific theme. You can think of themes related to nutrition, such as nutrition in Parkinson's, Sjögren's disease, growing children, diabetes, COPD and cholesterol.

* Teaching or informing other disciplines in health care, such as nurse practitioners, general practitioners and physiotherapists. 
* Educating fellow dietitians about a specific clinical picture or a change in the standard of care, such as the frail elderly or COPD. 
* Giving a training to the caregivers of care and nursing homes about nutrition in relation to various disorders. 

Are you interested and do you want more information about the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us!