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What will you get reimbursed?

Basic insurance 
In 2023 you’re entitled to 3 hours of dietary advice per calendar year from the basic insurance. Please take into account the mandatory deductible, with which it can be set off. 


Additional insurance 
Depending on your additional insurance, you’re entitled to more reimbursement. If you would like to know what your insurance reimburses under the additional insurance, please check the reimbursement for dietary advice 2023. 


Chain care 
You may also be referred by your GP or nurse practitioner within a chain care. In this case, you’ll be reimbursed for a number of consultations. This won’t affect your deductible.
Chain care is care that is provided by various care providers and is completely tailored to people with a certain chronic condition. It depends on your region, which chains are active. 
We cooperate with the ROHA, CHAGZ and Amstelland care. The chain agreements depend on the organization. There’s a chain for diabetes, COPD, heart failure and cardiovascular diseases.




Need a referral letter? 
Since 2011, the dietician is also freely accessible. This means that you can also contact us without a referral letter. Just to be sure, you can check your insurance policy, because there are a few companies (Ohra, CZ, Delta Loyd, de Friesland) that still ask for a referral letter as a criterion for getting the consultation reimbursed!