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Prices 2023

Prices in 2023

As you may have read under "basic insurance", you’ll be reimbursed for a number of consultations. Please take into account the mandatory deductible, with which it can be set off. The costs of the consultation are invoiced directly to your insurance company. We have a contract with all health insurers. 
If you are no longer eligible for reimbursement, the rates are: 

Email/telephone consultation (10-15 minutes)        €  21,-

Short follow-up consultation (20-25 minutes)          €  42,-
Long follow-up consultation (30-40 minutes)           €  63,-
Extra long follow-up consultation (40-55 minutes)  €  84,- 

Intake (60-90 minutes)                                                  € 126,-

Personal diet-or personal diet or nutrition plan       €  42,-

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After the consultation, you can pay in cash, via an app, pin or chip. You will receive a receipt for this. If you prefer an invoice, a surcharge of € 10 administration costs will be charged. 

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, we’re forced to charge the reserved time, incl. € 10 administration costs.

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