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Renate de Schaap
(Children's- and parkinson) dietician and 
Lifestyle coach 


I founded Dietician Practice Renate de Schaap in 1994 with the motto: "The dietician is not as strict as you think!" This motto appeals to many people, because as a (children's) dietitian I want to emphasize what is possible with a diet. As a client you are central to me. What I find so interesting is that everyone is different and needs different guidance. Every day I find it a challenge to help you adjust your eating habits with motivational conversation techniques and all kinds of creative solutions. 

Languages: Dutch and English 

  • Home visits are no problem at all.


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Tilly Zuidema
(Children's) dietician and 
Lifestyle coach    


In 2002 I graduated as a dietitian. Since then I have gained a lot of experience at different organizations in various cities. The focus was and is always on guiding people as best as possible in achieving their goal(s). The motivation of that person plays a major role in this. Motivational conversation techniques and exercises that change your habits are skills that I use every day. Your request for help is always my starting point and your long-term health benefit is the most attainable. 

Languages: Dutch and English 

  • Home visits are no problem at all.



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Anabel Hubers
Dietician and 
Lifestyle coach   


I’ve been a certified dietitian since June 2017. After my internship that I enjoyed here, I joined the team. I really enjoy working with clients. In addition, I’m involved in all kinds of food trends and social media (instagram, facebook). My biggest challenge is to be able to advise clients as well as possible, in which the wishes of the client are central. This approach fits perfectly within the vision of practice. 

Languages: Dutch and English 

The locations where you can make an appointment with me are: 

  • Home visits are no problem at all.


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Midori Stuifbergen
(Sport) dietician


I have been a qualified dietician since 2019. I chose this study because I believe in the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle and plays an important role in the prevention of disease. In addition to nutrition, during our conversations I also ask you about
factors such as exercise and relaxation. In the past, I played many different sports. Volleyball was my great passion.

What I enjoy most about my work is working with you to achieve lasting change.
Languages Dutch and English

  • Home visits are no problem at all.

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Lisa Hommel


Since august 2022 I join the team as a qualified dietitian. I really enjoy working with clients. Before I did an internship for 5-month in this practice.

From the beginning of my training, I have been convinced that healthy living does not only consist of following a strict diet, but mainly of eating healthy and taking daily exercise in the process. During my studies, I learned a lot about the exercise guidelines, the Healthy Eating Guidelines and how to advise, but I want more than that. I want to get a slightly broader view on certain issues around advising a personalised diet and be able to take into account different eating cultures. At this practice, this is also the vision; "the dietician is not as strict as you think". This is something I can totally relate to.

Languages: Dutch and English 

  • Home visits are no problem at all.

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Jacqueline de Waal
Dietician trainee


From the first of May 2023, I will come for a 5-month internship and I'am looking forward to learn a lot. Dietitianpractice Renate de Schaap offers me that opportunity and I hope to learn a lot from them. It appeals to me that in the practice, the team takes culture and lifestyle habits into account to come up with appropriate advice.

Previously, I worked in the business world and volunteered at Alzheimer's

Netherlands. Here, my curiosity was piqued about a possible relationship with nutrition and lifestyle in the development of dementia later in life.

In my role as a trainee dietitian, I see it as a challenge to explore with you which nutritional advice suits you, your culture and your lifestyle habits to help you grow old (more) healthily.